While I come from a lineage of good cooks, I can only pride myself in the ability to follow recipes well. I’m not the type that can grab five random objects out of the pantry and whip up a feast, but I also do not burn everything I place on the stove. (Except that oatmeal I left unattended last week. Ahem. It was early.)

One of my goals is to meal plan and prep for 1 month, though I hope it can become a habit. I want to make things that are healthy, delicious, and affordable. As I was infinitely scrolling pinterest for ideas, I found this tortellini soup recipe. It seemed simple enough so I set out to Aldi for the ingredients.

tortellini soup

I actually dared to change the recipe a little and it still turned out amazing! My soup included chicken and veggie broth, three-cheese tortellini, baked chicken (shredded), chopped zucchini, chopped baby ‘bella mushrooms, garlic, oregano, and kale. It took no time and all and filled me up as well as four large containers for meals the rest of the week!

Have you tried tortellini soup before? It is seriously. so. good.

What’s your favorite easy, healthy meal? I’d love suggestions for future weeks!



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